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  1. That is soooo cute! What do you think he is saying to her?

  2. “If this isn’t love, it’ll have to do, ’til the real thing comes along.”

    • Hahaha! Very true, very true.

      • si eres esceptico por que haces lo que hacen los demas , por que te vistes , por que usas internet , porque dices groserias, porque no creas tu propia linea de internet , o cazas tu comida, cuando te subes a un auto , usas el transporte , estas creyendo en las creaciones del hombre , eres muy debil , te sientes aplastado , y esta es tu forma de negarlo , otro fraude mas y ya me despido fue entertenido tu blog

      • I watched Helen on with John Stewart last night and I had a feeling that the DWTQOTDC (on which I have no vote and have never been consulted) would use one of her quotes. There were several good ones, this being the best. Watching her made me think of the gratuitously vicious comments (also a xenophobe, racist, bigot and general a-hole) made about Helen a week or two ago. Americans ought to contemplate Steve King and ask themselves if this is the kind of person they want representing them in congress.

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