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I was able to catch a few moments of blue sky off and on today. I spent (am still spending) most of the day in front of the computer, putting together my weekend stories and Tuesday’s Outdoors stories.

I heard this amorous male purple finch long before I saw him. He was crooning away, looking for a lady, I suspect, high up in a tree in my orchard.

He’d sing and then he’d look around to see if anyone heard. Typical male. 😛

This poor pigeon was left behind yesterday by some people that were out in my backyard training their dogs for an upcoming NAVHDA test. He/she won’t find love with this robin (she already has a mate, they’re building a nest behind the barn), but maybe it’ll find a friend.

I found this European starling perched on a fence post flapping his wings and purring like a kitten. Interesting behavior. According to the Birds of North America website, the behavior is called “wing waving” and he is doing it to attract the interest of a female.

I spotted this female red-winged blackbird hanging out in her barely red epaulets, what beautiful breeding colors!

I captured this lovely lady the other day. The intensity of the color and contrast is so striking. This lady (below) fascinates me …

I look forward to seeing the golden-crowned sparrows get through the rest of their molt. They have been looking pretty ragged lately. This little guy (gal?) is just near the end of it …


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