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I never really know what I have in my camera until I download the pictures into the computer. Sometimes I get a pleasant surprise when I get a chance to see the action frozen for a moment. Things I didn’t know I could see.

A bird’s tongue reaching out for the bug, a foot reaching over a wing to scratch a head, a particular bird’s particular taste in seedery.

While there are times when the camera puts me behind the moment and I miss just reveling in the experience in front of me. There are enough times when I am surprised and delighted by a capture of a moment and it makes up for the experiences lost as the images stretch and expands my experience in Nature and her children.

Yesterday was one of those days. I set out for the ponds with a mission in mind, I was hoping to find a spot to sit, get still and wait to see what birds would come out of the hiding around me after a 30 minute sit. But Buddy the WonderDog and the birds had a different plan.

Look a little deeper into these pictures to see what there is to see …

What is that juvenile Red-Winged Blackbird male looking at? Something startled him.

What’s wrong with this picture (below)?

After we cruised through the South Beaver Pond for a quiet look see, we headed into the woods east of Middle Marsh. I decided to climb a tree that was hanging over the pathway at an angle that seemed scalable.

The truck of the tree was spongy with moss and ferns.

As I climbed up. Buddy fretted. He didn’t like me being up in the tree. After a long whine, he decided to make the trip up the trunk.

Going up the tree was easy, it was the going down that was hard. Watching Buddy make an anxiety-filled descent, raised my anxiety level a bit.

I got up in this tree, now how am I going to get down? Buddy lasted another 10 minutes before he got serious about trying to get me down off of the tree.

Now, just a warning, unless you are my mother or my child or my best friend, you may not find Buddy’s behavior as endearing as we do. When Buddy says, “Get outta that tree, NOW!” he means it. (Turn down your sound.)

I thought perhaps I could get away with sitting only a few feet off of the ground. But no way.

“Get down on the ground or hear about it,” Buddy said.



  1. Hi Kimberly,

  2. Hi Kimberly,
    Was that a hummer hovering nearby, spreading his tail? Maybe the young blackbird was in his territory… And I do believe that your WonderDog was swimming upside down. Made a great photo, though. If you won’t listen to your mother, your kids or your best friends, then you should probably pay attention to your dog. That tree may not be safe, and he KNOWS it! 🙂

    • He’s probably right. I was texting a friend from the tree, sent her a picture and she told me to get down too. 😀

      I didn’t tell Buddy, but that was his last trip to the pond until July, because of the nesting ducks. And we’ll have to stay off the hill until July too, momma deer love to stash their babies in the underbrush. I know coyotes are always a danger to these creatures, but my heart would be broken if it was my own hunter that hurt a springtime baby.

      We’ll continue to roam the pastures. He can do all the damage he likes on the local voles, moles and shrews!

      I’m going to stop by and visit with the Back Country Horsemen at the Lewis & Clark State Park off Jackson Hwy on my way in to town Saturday morning. Seems I have a “trails” theme for the morning. Look forward to seeing you all at the Seminary Hill Natural Area, it looks like good weather coming!


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