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I have a pair of red-tailed hawks in the backyard …

The female red-tailed hawk is generally larger than the male. This pair is performing the mating “sky-dance.” They soar at high altitude, circling around, the male approaches the female from above, landing gear down (legs extended), to touch the female’s wing for just a moment before circling around again.

Is that like a tap on the shoulder?

I have yet to get a well-lit, in focus photograph of a red-tailed hawk. I keep trying.

This osprey flew past the house, on his way from the river to Lake Mayfield, I presume.

I know that’s not even close to being a good shot. It’s just good enough to make a positive ID and for me to post him to my list as having been seen on The Farm.

The particular bend that the osprey has to its wings makes it easy to ID in the air.

It is said that 99% of the osprey’s diet consists of fresh fish.

This gentleman was seen floating back and forth over Offut Lake (Tenino) on Saturday. In the single hour I sat at the dock, I didn’t see him dive after a fish. But he kept looking.


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