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I had a group of backyard visitors last week, Spinoni Italiano — bird dogs, not birds … though they brought plenty of birds with them.

And they also made a muddy mess …

Picture me, a blonde, mustache-less version of Yosemite Sam, standing at the window, jumping up and down muttering “Razza-fratz-uh-blatz-oh-fraz-dem-eener.” While my son, Stosh, stood beside me, shaking his fist muttering a Moe-Howard-of-the-Three-Stooges-style, “Why I oughta … ” as we watched them tear up the road he had so carefully tried to repair and keep rut free.

This fellow (above) must have been a happy camper, he’s carrying a hand full of huge rosettes.

It rained on them most of Monday and Wednesday. This was an AKC event, the first we have ever held on our place. Frankly, as poorly as these folks followed directions, I wouldn’t be sorry at all if it was their last. They made the NAVHDA dog folks look like angels.

The Pacific Northwest Chapter NAVHDA club will be visiting again this month for a training day, May 14, and then again for a test the first weekend in June.



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