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I get the idea that this guy is just playing with me.

He flitted around in the cherry tree, high overhead, always keeping branch and blossom between us.

If I didn’t know better (and, honestly, I really don’t know better), I’d think this guy was trying to get one over on me and keep me from capturing a great shot. He warbled his little warble as he jumped from branch to branch. Higher, lower, OOPS!, almost got me.

“What are YOU looking at?”



  1. It’s posts like this that make surfing so much plsaeure

  2. Love the new Mary shop in Manchester! I bought a stunning red shirt which looks fab (I think!) with the tight pair of legging type leather trousers I bought when I came down to the Oxford Street store when it opened. So really pleased that one is opened in Manchester now! Love the manifesto on the wall too, absolutely beautifully painted.

  3. Sorry to say this tunny,One thing is clear. That Is page loading issue. Now web pages loades much faster than older one. But A NEW PROBLEM STARTED. IT IS FORCE CLOSING. WHENEVER I OPEN 2 OR 3 TABS AT ONE TIME, IT(whole browser) AUTOMATICALLY FORCE CLOSES. I TRIED TO SEND REPORT BUT NO SUCCESS. My current version is dolphin hd 5.0.6buildI m using samsung galaxy ace, gt-s5830, running on froyo.

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