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I’m excited to see that there seems to be a MRS. Yellow-rumped Warbler in the old orchard next to my house.

I have been reading on the Birds of North America website about the warblers, they say there isn’t much known about these birds and their mating habits, but here’s some of what they do know.

Mid- to late-May is when they start working on a family. Nest building takes about 10 days and the woman does all the work.

After the nest is built, she begins laying her egg almost immediately. Two weeks later, the chicks are born. Two weeks after that, they start venturing out on their own. The male and the female take turns feeding their young.

The female Yellow-rumped Warbler is a toned-down version of her husband. A yellow stripe on her head, a lighter yellow throat and with yellow under the wings and over the tail.

Their diet consists of insects, for the most part. They either hawk or forage for them.

They are energetic birds and love to flit about in the canopy overhead. They are curious sorts, however, and if you make enough of a racket, they’ll hop down to investigate.


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