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Who knew the black-headed grosbeak was hiding all that yellow under his wing? (um … bird experts did, I suppose, but I’m just an amateur, so … )

I think the lady above is a female Brewer’s Blackbird. Her coloring is so rich and beautiful. Did you know that the Brewer’s Blackbird enjoys a steady diet of roadkill? Yup, insect roadkill.

The Brown-headed Cowbirds (below) may be considered pests, but I think the lady cowbirds are some of the most elegant birds around.

A cowbird lady, however, will lay her eggs in other birds’ nests and let them raise her children. Apparently, building nests and incubating eggs don’t fit into this nomadic lifestyle.

I’m still chasing after the Western Scrub Jay, trying to get a clear shot. This bird has a nest just outside my kitchen window, I watched them fly in and out of the tree building it, but I still can’t get close.


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