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I’ve mentioned before that Swofford Pond is my favorite place to hang out (other than my own backyard, of course). This series of photos makes it easy to see why.

We were looking for bass along the shoreline, pitching lures into the edges. The constant,  sometimes irritating and always changing song (with seeming endless variety) of the Marsh Wren captured my attention on this day.

It’s the Marsh Wren male that builds the nests, several of them, hoping to capture the attention of several Marsh Wren ladies. It is said that when the female comes into his territory, he takes her on a tour of the nests he has built, hoping she’ll choose one of them and stay.

Here you see the Marsh Wren gathering cattail fluff.

The Marsh Wren is so quick — constantly on the move, flitting about — that it’s hard to get a good focus on him. I’m just grateful to get any kind of image at all of this elusive little tweeter.




  1. so does he end up with a harem 🙂

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