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The eldest son and I were fishing on Swofford Pond Saturday, June 4, sitting out near the middle of the pond when a Bald Eagle suddenly came out from behind the stand of trees to the south and dove down toward the water. He was on a mission.

I couldn’t see what he was after, it’s just a black blur on the screen, sitting on top of the water.

But no sooner had the Eagle set his talons after the object of his desire, than he also found he was being followed by a pair of Red-winged Blackbirds on a mission.

The first blackbird starts to close in, and …

Red-winged blackbirds are agile wingmen. I’ve seen them be to get into places at my feeders made only for the smaller birds to fit into. They are able to land on a swaying cattail with accuracy usually reserved for the most agile of tiny fliers. Very impressive birds.

As the lead blackbird closes the gap, the backup blackbird turns back for home …

That’s one gutsy blackbird, making an inverted hit so near the eagle’s talons.

“Get on outta here!”

“And stay out!”

“Well … THAT was embarrassing.”

It’s always a good day on Swofford (that’s Mt. Rainier in the back).


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  1. It’s Mike’s favorite bird! I had no idea they could be so agressive! Love it!

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