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I spotted a couple of American Robin babies hopping across the side yard lawn today. Aren’t they adorable!

I know that this photo isn’t the best, but I’m just so stinkin’ happy to see this little guy I can’t even tell you! This little Western Scrub Jay is the only one that has survived, as far as I know, and I had despaired of ANY of the babies surviving.

My son found 5 babies, 2 dead, 3 alive but without feathers, at the base of the tree where they were nesting. There is no brush near that tree and the nest was too far up in the tree to put them back, so he put the live babies in the nearest brush and left them.

He didn’t tell me what happened until I mentioned the other day that I thought it seemed my pair of Jays were very sad and that I hoped everything was okay with their babies. (He knows I’m not just soft headed, at times, but also soft hearted.)

Hooray, Scrub Jay!


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  1. Chicks & fledglings seem so vulnerable…it’s amazing any survive. Cheers for the robin & jay!

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