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I have a new obsession, obviously, moths. I love getting up close and looking into their faces. So many different “expressions.”

This moth is species Pero morrisonariaMorrison’s PeroHodges #6755

He is a member of the Geometer family of moths.

This one looks like he could blend right into a tree trunk and you’d never spot him hiding there.

I’m amazed that so many seemingly “plain” moths have such rich color, shine and a luxurious look.

This moth is really small, but she seems to be gold-tipped and clothed in satin. And get a load ‘a that eye!

He is a member of the Crambid Snout Mouth family.
Crambus girardellus – Girard’s Grass-veneer – Hodges#5365

This moth is my all-time favorite. I often see her (or one of her kin) clinging to my kitchen window. As I wash my dishes I meditate on all the wonders she represents that make up this world and time moves so much more quickly. Before I know it, the sink is clean and I’m feeling quite content.

This moth is a Spilosoma viginica Yellow Woollybear, a member of the Tiger Moth family.

Isn’t she amazing?!


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