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We witnessed a small miracle moment here at The Farm today.

Stosh and I were talking in the front yard, he was taking a break from pressure washing the porch, and then a soaking wet baby pine sisken flew up into his hands.

“What the … ?” was his initial reaction.

When he flew off to the feeders, I handed Stosh the camera and walked over and picked him up. Easy peasy.

He had seed hulls stuck all over this face, here you see him trying to rub them off.

Stosh makes a pretty good camera man … must take after his mother. 🙂

I wish this rain would go away! Maybe tomorrow?

Either way, rain or shine, Stosh and I are hitting the Cowlitz tomorrow at Blue Creek — we figure we’ll just get wet either way.

There doesn’t seem to be a thing wrong with him. He flies just fine, although he’s a little clumsy at the seed bowl.



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