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I suppose it’s stretching it a bit to photo blog about the Civil War re-enactment event I covered for The Chronicle this last weekend. But the activity did, in fact, involve being outside in the fresh air, getting plenty of exercise, firing shots (with my camera), and even crawling on my belly across the grass at times.

Any day spent outside, learning new things and talking with people that are outside, learning new things and sharing knowledge with each other is a very good day.

Our local Veterans Memorial Museum put on the two-day event. It was a lot of fun, I hope to be able to attend next spring’s events

The Chehalis-Centralia steam train pulls into the war zone, loaded down with soldiers ready to pick a fight.

No, no. These aren’t the soldiers. But they are a fun group of SteamPunk fans who drove down from Seattle and Olympia to join in the North vs. South fun and frivolity. I hear they were a HOOT on the Troop Train ride. What fun!

And the shooting begins …

… the South side was low in numbers, but they made up for it in marksmanship.

They took out the Union drummer boy early on in the fight, it seemed to affect the morale of the troops (and the watching crowds) and take a bit of the fight out of them … probably because they seemed to be having to fight themselves not to laugh and grin as the drummer boy went down with a bad case of the squirming, heavy(ham)handed moans and groans before was awkwardly hauled off the battlefield. (The little drummer boy really wasn’t so little.)

Hey! That looks like a GIRL in them britches! YeeeeeHaaaaaw!

Uh oh, there’s someone else you don’t usually see on a battlefield — a photographer. That’s Brandon, former head photog for The Chronicle, current sometimes stringer and full time videographer up in Seattle.

Forward … MARCH!

Scout Spike is watching the Union side come around the hill and get ready to out-flank the Rebs.

That’s it for the Confederates. Better luck next time, boys … and girl!


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  1. The South shall rise again!!

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