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This stunning creature, a Wavy Chestnut Y (Autographa mappa – Hodges #8912), showed up at my back door yesterday afternoon.

I can’t get over his crazy hairdo. It looks precision cut and styled.

He has a very rich color palette of brown and rust and white, with a shimmer of gold dust.

He belongs to the Owlet family.

This one is quite a bit smaller and much more delicate than the Wavy Chestnut Y, and was a bit anxious. He wasn’t exactly cut out for modeling, not with all the flitting around he was doing.

It is a Morbid Owlet (Chytolita morbidalis – Hodges #8355). He was more than a little worn when I found him. Missing some fur on the back of his head, his wings starting to get ragged and part of a leg missing. Though his less than stellar state didn’t seem to slow him down, I doubt that he is long for this world.

My favorite little critter is this Pale Glyph (Protodeltote albidula – Hodges #9048). She is so tiny that I had a hard time focusing on her with one hand while holding her in the other.

Just look at her unroll her proboscis  and flick it around.



One Comment

  1. I think maybe the “Pale Glyph” is making a rather wicked comment to you!

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