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Category Archives: American Goldfinch

My bird books say that the Goldfinch eats insects, does that not include spiders?

Because either this gentleman finch didn’t see the spider on the top bead, or they just aren’t to his taste.

Or maybe he was saving it for his lady …


In past years the male American Goldfinches tended to dine at my mother’s house up on the hill and the ladies ate at my house. I used to complain to her about it, “You have all the lovely yellow ones and I have all the drab girls.”

I’m not  complaining anymore … at least not about their absence, now I’m going to complain about their presence. What noisy little beasts!

Ah well, if that’s all I’ve got to complain about today I must be doing okay, eh? 🙂

These photos were taken from the breakfast room at my mom’s house this afternoon. So many wonderfully posing  songsters …

This little stunner is the Washington State bird. It’s easy to see why he was chosen when you see him posing in such an elegantly proud manner.

“Did I hear you say you think I’m handsome?” he seems to ask.

“Aw, shucks.”

There is a rowdy bunch of Pine Siskins up there on the hill, they always seem to be scrapping over something. I love to watch the feisty little scrappers.

I love it when they stare right into the camera lens.

Did you know that underneath the Pine Siskins wing there is another flash of yellow?

The Red-winged Blackbird is one of my all-time favorites. I had a few “almost” good shots of males flying in, but the light was just too low.

“He went thataway!”

This isn’t a stunning photo, but it’s a stunning example of his species. The red was so bright and clear, but I couldn’t get him to come out from behind the branches. What a looker he was, I bet he’s got himself a nice girlfriend (the girls all say the redder the feathers, the better mate). 🙂

On the way out the door I came across three deer and a bunny.

A good day for fur and feathers.

Name that bird …

This is the first day I have seen a yellow-clad whatsits in his full glory at my feeder. Have you seen any yet?