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Category Archives: Black-capped Chickadee

On the banks of the Cowlitz River, near the mouth of the Blue Creek stands a small snag with a cozy little cavity.

As I stand a few feet into the river I can hear the call of the Chickadee whenever he flies in to the tall branches just above the snag. He is either crowing about his hunting success or he is just giving us fair warning that he’s coming in for a landing — I don’t know which.

One second he’s there, perched at the edge with a bug of some sort hanging out of his mouth …

… and in the next second he’s gone.

Can you see him? That’s his tail feathers sticking up in the air.

Maybe he’s got a bully for a big brother that keeps stealing his lunch so he has to hide to eat his catch.

He didn’t seem to worried about me bullying him, what a handsome bird!

And yes, this was the day that I fell into the river (I talked about it briefly in my column this week). My son is on the left of the line of fisherman, I was standing to the left of him.

It wasn’t deep and I didn’t go under, but that Cowlitz River flows from the snow melting off of Mt. Rainier, so it ain’t cozy warm!

Still, it was a good day of fishing and friendly conversation with a couple of easy going combat steelhead fisherman.


Can you guess who this is from this view?

How about this view?

This is too easy! If you haven’t guessed by now, you aren’t trying. (Or course, the title of this post should have been a HUGE clue. :P)


The wind has been blowing the snow sideways off and on for the last two days. This little chickadee blew in to see what all the fuss was about while I was sweeping the scattered birdseed off my front porch.

I’d say, “Chick-a-dee-dee-dee!” And he’d answer. We went back and forth for at least a full minute. I so love the friendly and fiercely brave little chickadees.

This little chickadee and his mate are the first pair I have had visit me in the almost 20 years I have lived here. I feel specially blessed to enjoy their company while they are here, I hope they decide to stay.

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This is the first chickadee I have ever seen at the feeders at this house. I’m so excited! I had plenty of them at my Wilkeson home up in the woods, I’ve missed them terribly.