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Category Archives: Bufflehead

When Buddy the WonderDog and I arrived at the pond this afternoon there was a pair of Mallards, a pair of Ring-necked Ducks, a pair of American Wigeon and one lone Bufflehead.

The Mallards took off right away. But the Ring-necks and the Wigeon hung around for a little while.

This guy really loves his little Ring-necked Gal … see video slideshow here

Long after the pairs of ducks left the south pond for the middle marsh, the lone Bufflehead stayed and allowed us to watch her dive.

I wondered where her boyfriend could be. I hate to think of her all alone just as the Spring Fling Mating Dance is about to begin …

Some ducks just seem to need to get a running start before they take off, this Bufflehead seems to be one of the running start water birds …

I haven’t been allowing Buddy the WonderDog to go out with me on these duck jumping trips because I was afraid he would chase them off before I could even get a single shot off.

Maybe he knew he had been kept home for a reason. Today he swam the pond …

But he stayed behind the camera. If he would start to stray towards the ducks, I’d whisper at him to get back and he would.

Buddy isn’t called the “WonderDog” for nothing.

Of course, maybe he was just too full from his earlier meal. I don’t know what it was he dug out of the ground and ate, but it had a long tail and grey fur.

He said it was pretty tasty. I doubt it.