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Category Archives: Bugs

I’m guessing that this is a moth from the Noctuidae family, but I can’t tell you more than that.

He has amazing gold flake-like glitter to him.

Have you ever taken a close look at a crane fly?

How about this close? What a beaut of a buggy beast he is!


My oldest boy and I traveled over to Swofford Pond yesterday for a little bass fishing in the weeds along the eastern shore in his aluminum boat.

Outside of my own backyard, Swofford is my favorite place to be in all of Lewis County. Peace is pervasive there (yes, capital “P” kinda Peace), it invades every molecule of my being as I sit on or beside those waters.

Not even the sounds of a loud, large family on the other shore could break the peace of the pond. Filtered through the air over the water, heavy with the pulsating breath and life underwater and overhead, the sounds drifted to my ears as a Symphony of Joy and Celebration, the perfect accompaniment to a perfect day spent in the worship of the God of Peace.

Besides, even on a bad day of fishing, that pond is sure to give you a reason to grin like a happy goon. (See below.)

When I got tired of casting I rigged up a bobber and worm and then hauled out my camera to focus on the even smaller aquatic life forms while Stosh skippped through the lily pads with a frog lure. He didn’t catch a bass with the lure, but he DID lure this guy out of the weeds …

The blob of yellow on a swivel is the frog lure. I thought at first that the lure perhaps brought out a romantic side in the frog.

But then I saw that he wasn’t trying to get romantic with the lure. He was trying to eat it.

P.S. No frogs were hurt in the taking of this series of photographs … although my son did get a little irritated at me asking him to cast and drag through the weeds for a good half hour. 😛