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Category Archives: Pine Siskin

We witnessed a small miracle moment here at The Farm today.

Stosh and I were talking in the front yard, he was taking a break from pressure washing the porch, and then a soaking wet baby pine sisken flew up into his hands.

“What the … ?” was his initial reaction.

When he flew off to the feeders, I handed Stosh the camera and walked over and picked him up. Easy peasy.

He had seed hulls stuck all over this face, here you see him trying to rub them off.

Stosh makes a pretty good camera man … must take after his mother. 🙂

I wish this rain would go away! Maybe tomorrow?

Either way, rain or shine, Stosh and I are hitting the Cowlitz tomorrow at Blue Creek — we figure we’ll just get wet either way.

There doesn’t seem to be a thing wrong with him. He flies just fine, although he’s a little clumsy at the seed bowl.



The pine siskins are always the first to come back to the feeders after the first fright flight as I open the front door.

This little siskin wasn’t the least bit intimidated by my close presence, but the tilt of his (her?) head at each snap of the camera showed at least he was interested. He was also dropping feathers like crazy. Molt?

Not a good shot, admittedly, but it’s the only proof I have that I have at least one new Barn Owl. I have been listening to evening hissing for over two weeks now, it’s about time I finally get to spot my new tenant!

And finally, my bee. I’m glad that he admires my new Missouri Goldenrod plant, bought at the native species sale while I was out on assignment earlier this year.

Holly the Photog and I went to the Toledo Saturday Market today. I think we spent more, much more, than our assignment will get us.

We both bought a little yard art from Ron Smith of Recycled Ranch Relics. She bought a cow planter and a large flower and then ordered a “wino.” I bought a chicken and an owl.

Normally my birds will stay away from anything new in the garden for at least two days — even new bird feeders!

But not my new yard art! They seemed to know immediately what these were for …

Now I wish I had gotten the crazy bird bath piece with saws as wings.

Ron will be at the Toledo Saturday Market again on June 11th, if you want to do a bit of shopping. Just don’t get MINE before I get there!


I picked up a lot of plants over the weekend while out on assignment. To the left are a few lavender bushes, to the right some of the plants that are native to our local prairie lands. Below and out of sight are new blueberry bushes and several prettily flowering perennials.

My little Pine Siskins have become very proficient posers.

And of course there is the Purple Finch, who is never, ever to be outdone by a Pine Sisken when it comes to posing prettily.

The Pine Siskins are always bullying each other. These little bantam weight birdy boxers are pretty scrappy, but at times they act a little too big for their britches, as my Grandma Frazier would say.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

These photos were taken from the breakfast room at my mom’s house this afternoon. So many wonderfully posing  songsters …

This little stunner is the Washington State bird. It’s easy to see why he was chosen when you see him posing in such an elegantly proud manner.

“Did I hear you say you think I’m handsome?” he seems to ask.

“Aw, shucks.”

There is a rowdy bunch of Pine Siskins up there on the hill, they always seem to be scrapping over something. I love to watch the feisty little scrappers.

I love it when they stare right into the camera lens.

Did you know that underneath the Pine Siskins wing there is another flash of yellow?

The Red-winged Blackbird is one of my all-time favorites. I had a few “almost” good shots of males flying in, but the light was just too low.

“He went thataway!”

This isn’t a stunning photo, but it’s a stunning example of his species. The red was so bright and clear, but I couldn’t get him to come out from behind the branches. What a looker he was, I bet he’s got himself a nice girlfriend (the girls all say the redder the feathers, the better mate). 🙂

On the way out the door I came across three deer and a bunny.

A good day for fur and feathers.

What goes in …

… and in …

… must come out …

And just so you know I am not fixated on poo, here’s a pic of a hummingbird …