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Category Archives: Purple Finch


I picked up a lot of plants over the weekend while out on assignment. To the left are a few lavender bushes, to the right some of the plants that are native to our local prairie lands. Below and out of sight are new blueberry bushes and several prettily flowering perennials.

My little Pine Siskins have become very proficient posers.

And of course there is the Purple Finch, who is never, ever to be outdone by a Pine Sisken when it comes to posing prettily.


The Pine Siskins are always bullying each other. These little bantam weight birdy boxers are pretty scrappy, but at times they act a little too big for their britches, as my Grandma Frazier would say.

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I was able to catch a few moments of blue sky off and on today. I spent (am still spending) most of the day in front of the computer, putting together my weekend stories and Tuesday’s Outdoors stories.

I heard this amorous male purple finch long before I saw him. He was crooning away, looking for a lady, I suspect, high up in a tree in my orchard.

He’d sing and then he’d look around to see if anyone heard. Typical male. 😛

This poor pigeon was left behind yesterday by some people that were out in my backyard training their dogs for an upcoming NAVHDA test. He/she won’t find love with this robin (she already has a mate, they’re building a nest behind the barn), but maybe it’ll find a friend.

I found this European starling perched on a fence post flapping his wings and purring like a kitten. Interesting behavior. According to the Birds of North America website, the behavior is called “wing waving” and he is doing it to attract the interest of a female.

I spotted this female red-winged blackbird hanging out in her barely red epaulets, what beautiful breeding colors!

I captured this lovely lady the other day. The intensity of the color and contrast is so striking. This lady (below) fascinates me …

I look forward to seeing the golden-crowned sparrows get through the rest of their molt. They have been looking pretty ragged lately. This little guy (gal?) is just near the end of it …