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Category Archives: Savannah Sparrow

Five new birds sighted in just a few days time. The first four were sighted in one afternoon, on Friday. The dove was seen just yesterday.

The Savannah Sparrow (below) was a lucky shot. I turned around, saw a bird on a post, aimed, fired, and it was gone. I really didn’t pay much attention to the bird, I thought it was just one of my Golden-crowned Sparrows. I love finding those kinds of surprises when I get home!

I spent twenty minutes looking straight up at this little bird while he flitted away in the very tops of the alder trees along the Middle Marsh trail. I had no idea what he was, but I was bound and determined to get an identifying shot of him.

He is a “Audubon’s” Yellow-rumped Warbler.

I was sitting at the edge of the South Beaver Pond looking over the water when a pair of Chestnut-backed Chickadees wandered over to see what I was up to.

They move so quickly, I have a hard time capturing their image.

This year is the first time I’ve seen Chickadees since I lived in Wilkeson near Enumclaw. I love those loud, little tweeters!

This Violet-green Swallow has a friend, they were snapping up the mosquitoes as I walked by. I was very glad to see them here!

This dove took me hours to figure out. I had assumed it was a Mourning Dove, because that is the only type of dove it even came close to resembling. But it isn’t, it’s a Eurasian Collared Dove.

It is an invasive species, just like the European Starlings are invasive. Ah well, I think he’s handsome.

I thought he was an owl at first, I heard him long before I saw him.