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Category Archives: Snail

I was riding on the back seat of the John Deere backhoe/loader on Monday, Stosh and I were on our way to put up the wood duck boxes I had written about just that morning for the Outdoors column when I saw this elegant beast of a bird gliding through the air.

I was too far away to identify if properly through the camera lens, I had to wait until I got home to see just what it was.

Ugh, turkey vulture.

Well, that was my first thought, anyway. Now, after reading up on him, I’m a big fan. Somebody has to clean up around here … and it certainly doesn’t seem to be my neighbors at the tree farm across the street.

Turkey vultures “follow their nose” to find their next meal, they rarely kill their own food. Although it does worry me a bit that they have “nosed” their way next door, I’m grateful that he is here to do his job.

When we got to the South Beaver Pond, a pair of Canada Geese were hanging out. They didn’t seem to be too excited about our presence, so they slowly, while watching us suspiciously, made their way into the cattails and disappeared.

Stosh hung up one wood duck box here at this pond, and another at the other pond. No need for pictures of both, it’s the same box, same kid, different pond.

And here, simply, a snail.